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Join the thousands already giving a voice to the voiceless.

Not to Act is to Act

Justice for the Unborn believes that Every Life is a Story, starting in the womb.  We are not political; we are proactive advocates for the unborn.  Through working in our own communities, creating calls to action, and sharing relevant resources, we hope to see abortion in America come to an end.

Join us in the resistance.          

Abortions Per Year in US
of all pregnancies end in abortion.
of women will have had an abortion by age 45
Statistics from

Abortion is Epidemic

We have become desensitized to abortion’s extreme impact on our culture and on our people.  In the U.S., 57 million lives have been discarded.  While it may seem like a financially responsible and socially acceptable solution to a problem pregnancy, abortion is not a fix.  In fact, studies show that the mothers of the aborted are often left broken.

Brittany’s Story

I was a senior in college and knew that the guy I loved was seeing someone else. Wanting to get past my heartache, at the end of a party, I did the immature thing of sleeping with a guy I barely knew. Seven weeks later, I realized I was pregnant. I was in shock; frightened and confused. I didn’t even know which guy was the father of my child. I thought of how ashamed and disappointed this would make my family.

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Tell us your story

Because we believe Every Life is a Story, one that’s worth telling, we want to hear yours.

  • First Prize: $300
  • Second Prize: $200
  • Third Prize: $100

We’re looking for VIDEOS – around TWO MINUTES in length, recorded horizontally if using your phone, or WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS around 500 WORDS in length. If you have an experience that makes you think – Yes, Every Life is a Story!, then we want to hear about it.

If you were in danger of being aborted, had an abortion or considered one, or are affirming life in your own unique way, please tell us about it so that we can share it here on our website (by submitting, you are permitting us to use your material; you may use pseudonyms, but stories must be true).

We will have an ideal sample video up soon, in the meantime please do your best to simply follow the guidelines stated above. 

To see an example of a well-written blog that would make an excellent entry (or just to be moved by this mother’s tender words), see our repost from Paper Fences. Everything We Never Knew We Wanted is relevant because around 90% of babies diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome are aborted, denying us the blessing of their presence in our world.

We hope you’ll share some insight on how Every Life is A Story with us through our contest. Submit entries by March 15, 2015 by emailing