I was a senior in college and knew that the guy I loved was seeing someone else. Wanting to get past my heartache, at the end of a party, I did the immature thing of sleeping with a guy I barely knew.

Seven weeks later, I realized I was pregnant. I was in shock; frightened and confused. I didn’t even know which guy was the father of my child. I thought of how ashamed and disappointed this would make my family.

I went to my University Heath Center and they sent me to a pregnancy resource center across the street. I asked there about an ultrasound, not because I wanted to meet my baby on the screen, but because the guy I really cared about was denying his paternity. If I could pinpoint the date I conceived, and it was likely to be him, I thought it would create a bond between us. I did also set up an appointment for an abortion, though, in case I was pregnant from the other encounter.

Well, the dates lined up in the direction of the man I hoped it would be. And . . . hearing the heartbeat of my baby melted my own heart. Really my entire mind, body, and soul. I realized I couldn’t take a life that hadn’t even had a chance in the world yet. I suddenly felt selfish, and I decided to carry this baby because it was what I should do.

My pregnancy was very tough. Looking back, I believe God had a hand in the dates given to me from the ultrasound because it being the “right” guy kept me going. (He and his family were totally unsupportive, but I thought they would come around once they met our daughter.) Now I believe God was protecting my daughter Gianna, giving me the courage, based on the estimated date of conception, to carry to term.

Well, after DNA testing, I found out that the dad is, in fact, the “wrong” one. But, though completely surprised at first, he expressed a desire to step up and be a dad to our beautiful little girl. Although we don’t have a Hollywood ending, I did embrace and respect his decision, and he is still involved, a year and a half later.

Even though things can be difficult, having a baby has changed my life for the better. I wouldn’t give up Gianna for anything. Her birth has pushed me to become a mature adult, and I am taking the responsibility to nurture her and to teach her what’s honorable and respectable.

Plus, my daughter is the smartest baby I know. I’m not just saying that; everyone says so! She’s so precious to me, I can’t even give it adequate words. I’m so glad I kept her and have learned this truth: I was made to be her mother.