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Find your nearest pregnancy resource center ( and call or visit. Meet the staff and see if you can help with clients, plan a fundraiser, package diapers, partner financially, etc. Thank the volunteer staff for their compassionate efforts.

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Read our talking points so you’re ready if someone tells you he or she is considering abortion.

Reach out to a single mom who chose life in a difficult circumstance. Babysit, take her some groceries, invite her to dinner with your family, or ask her how you can be part of her support system.

If you are a student, contact your school administrators to ask about starting a Justice for the Unborn group on your campus. Encourage likeminded students and come up with your own ideas about how to be proactive rather than passive when advocating for the unborn.

Show us, by selfies or documentation, that you have completed all SEVEN of the SEVEN challenges, and we will send a Justice for the Unborn t-shirt to the first fifty! Be sure to share using #justicefortheunborn! Contact us at